Aether Revolt Prerelease


January 14th and 15th At 1pm

At Goliath Gaming we will be hosting 2 Prerelease events!

Saturday the 14th 1pm 22$ Entry
Sunday the 15th 1pm 22$ Entry
Only 18 Spots available in each group so call to reserve your spot today! 

Come on in and play in a casual prerelease with us!

All Participants who play all three rounds will receive a pack, and a special additional promo card just for playing so there is no pressure to win!

Top players will also receive TCGplayer Prize wall codes, for extra prizes!

Aether Revolt is now on preorder. ORDER BEFORE JANUARY 9th! to lock in these great deals!
-Booster Box: $94.99
-Booster Case (6 Booster Boxes): $540
-Bundle: $34.99
-Planeswalker Intro Deck: $11.99

As a bonus, all players will receive a raffle ticket to win an Oath of Liliana over sized card!  Everyone one who brings a friend and has them sign up gets an extra raffle ticket!

For the month of January Friday Night Magic at Goliath Gaming is free!

Come and play some Standard with us!