Hour of Devastation Game Day!

Start Time: 1:00pm

Format: Standard

Entry: $5.00



Each participant in the Magic Game Day tournament receives a full-art promo card, and each player in the Top 8 receives a premium full-art promo card, while supplies last.


The winner of each Game Day tournament receives a special Champion playmat to commemorate their victory. This limited-edition playmat is only awarded to the winner, so be sure to bring your A-game!


Pay outs based on the Number of entrants!


The amount of prize packs Goes up for every additional 8 entrants so bring your friends!


If there are 16 participants then we will go to 5 rounds. If there are less than 16 we will do 3 rounds


Standard Prize Packs if 8 people attend.

Wins-Loses Prize Packs

3-0 2

2-1 1

1-2 0

0-3 0


Standard Prize Packs if 16 people attend.

Wins-Loses Prize Packs

5-0 3

4-1 2

3-2 1

2-3 1

1-4 1

0-5 1

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